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Boston Salsa Videos Going Back Up Soon!

I just got the green light from the owners of some of the salsa venues here in Boston to put salsa videos back up on YouTube and this website. ¬†If you didn’t know yet, last week I was asked to take them down because of fear of the consequences of SOPA & PIPA.

Now that those bills have been put on the¬†back-burner¬†in Congress (for now), I’ll be restoring the removed videos over the next few weeks, as well as putting up some new ones. ¬†Stay tuned to my YouTube channel, and enjoy!

Boston Salsa Community Early Casualty of SOPA & PIPA

STOP SOPAThe Boston salsa community is one of the first victims of SOPA and PIPA.

I have just been asked by the owner of one of our salsa venues in Boston to remove my salsa videos from the venue from YouTube and my website, because of the threat of SOPA and PIPA. I think this is an overreaction since the bills haven’t actually passed yet, but I will comply with the owner’s wishes anyway.

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