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A New Salsa Scene Is Born: Vera Rowe & New Hampshire

Vera RoweWhen I started dancing salsa back in 2008, little did I know how much of an adventure I was getting myself into, and how deep and rich Boston’s salsa community was. Our salsa venues currently cater to Beantown salsaholics 6 to 7 days a week almost all year round, and there are 7 dance companies actively participating in the community and abroad. I consider myself fortunate to have been introduced to the community at a time when it’s been well established for over a decade, and continues to grow and thrive with endless energy and excitement.

With that same energy and spirit, World Salsa Championship competitor and Boston salsa alumnus Vera Rowe has nurtured a brand new salsa community in New Hampshire since 2009. With the start of her new monthly salsa socials in North Chelmsford MA this September, I decided to take the opportunity to interview Vera about her salsa experiences, what it’s been like growing a new salsa scene in New Hampshire, and competing in the World Salsa Championships again this December.

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